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Tree planting at Burham highlights spin-off open space benefit from neighbouring Peters Village development

A tree planting formally marked the handover of public open space at Burham, following the creation of Peters Village.

Approximately five acres/two hectares, the site is owned by Peters Village developer Trenport but left unused after Court Road, Burham, was by-passed by New Court Road to give a new and wider southerly access to the new 1,000-home community.

Fencing and access gates have since been installed by Trenport and the land is leased and managed by Burham Parish Council for use by dog walkers and as a general play and leisure area.

The tree – one of four, also donated by Trenport – is a flowering prunus, a trademark species for Burham following the visual success of those planted as an avenue between the village hall and recreation ground.

“It was clear that the existing Court Road would suffer more traffic with the arrival of Peters Village, and particularly from HGVs during construction, but Trenport was able to move the route to create New Court Road,” said Burham Parish Council Chairman and newly re-elected TMBC ward councillor Roger Dalton.

“Of course, this then isolated a strip of land and we asked if we could buy it as an amenity area for the parish. Trenport said it was reluctant for now in case further infrastructure work was required, but agreed a two-year lease and peppercorn rent with a future option to buy, presumably with some kind of covenant attached to ensure it remains for the use of the village.”

Cllr Dalton – also Mayor for the Borough (2017-18) – was aided in his tree planting spadework by fellow newly re-elected TMBC ward councillor Dave Davis, Trenport community liaison manager Shirley Boards, Burham parish councillor David Young and parish clerk Pam Saunders.

Trenport Director Chris Hall said: "Building a new 1,000-home community is bound to impact and change the surrounding area but, in this case, we were able to moderate that effect and deliver a neighbourly spin-off benefit from building Peters Village."

Pictured (left to right): parish chairman and borough ward councillor Cllr Roger Dalton, Trenport community liaison manager Shirley Boards, borough ward councillor Dave Davis and Burham parish clerk Pam Saunders.