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Slope works at Peters Village now under way

Work has started at Peters Village on a six-month project to re-model part of the former chalk quarry, from which the new 1,000-home community is arising near Wouldham.

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council has previously granted planning permission for this adjustment to the quarry slope, which is needed to make full use of the housing phase on the the north west side of the brown field site. 

A spokesman for Peters Village developer Trenport said: “The work should be finished by Christmas or early 2020, but there could be a small amount of noise and dust in addition to existing construction work elsewhere on the site.

“However, there won’t be significant extra traffic or parking issues, as nearly all comings and goings will avoid the adopted roads and be contained on Trenport land. Spoil from the work will also be contained onsite for local use.”

“The affected site includes a small paddock, though it has not been used for livestock or agriculture for many years, and will also require removal of a mixed hedge, cut back previously to avoid the risk of nesting birds using it this year.

“However, we will adhere to the strict practice we adopted across Peters Village from the start: to replace natural amenities lost to the development, whether this be a condition of planning or on a voluntary basis. So, the lost hedgerow will be compensated for by significant additional landscaping and installation of additional bird and bat boxes.

“As the SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) Great Crested Newt conservation and our active relocation of rare and endangered species show, we have a good record on this.”