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Pylon works under way on the Peters Village skyline

National Grid has started work on a pylon refurbishment programme across the Peters Village section of the Medway Valley.

Residents should have received a courtesy letter from National Grid, before work began on 27 August and outlining the following timeline:

  • Mid-August - vegetation clearance around the pylons and some areas beneath the lines
  • August-October - preparation for main wire replacement, including laying a temporary roadway, foundation inspection, tower strengthening, and scaffolding erection
  • September - re-painting of the pylons
  • September-October - main wire replacement
  • November - removal of equipment and materials.

However, there is a possibility this timeline might change slightly and www.peters will update if that occurs.

National Grid has assured residents that there will be no impact on power supplies in the area or access to their property.

Peters Village developer Trenport has also been told protective scaffolding will be erected over Worrall Drive close to the pylon on the Peters Village playing fields, and any trees removed will be replaced and fencing reinstated at the end of the programme.

Between September and October there may be closures to local walkways, but National Grid said these will be publicised nearer the time and only if such measures are needed.

However, a further programme will be necessary next September since only one side of each pylon group is refurbished at a time, so that power delivery can continue. The untouched halves of the pylons will form the 2020 programme.

Any public queries to National Grid should be directed 0800 319 6188 or email: