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Update on building Peters Village centre

Revised plans for central amenities at Peters Village have been formally submitted by the site’s overall developer, Trenport.

The company had already pledged to speed up building work there, which includes a village hall/amenity centre, convenience store and shops, medical centre and playing fields (see A new and enlarged school was completed in February (see

The original plan was to deliver the village centre complex once 350 of the proposed 1,000 homes at Peters Village were occupied, but Trenport Director Chris Hall said:

“We want to get on with this; it’s important to the attraction and overall appeal of Peters Village and will obviously be welcomed by our house building partners and their existing and future customers.”

As a result, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (TMBC) is currently considering a substantially revised village hall design (pictured below) taking account of changing needs since the original plans were approved.

The most notable update is the inclusion of facilities for a nursery school. Work could start as soon as this autumn, with completion by Easter 2019, around two years earlier than previously proposed.

“The nursery school was originally due to make use of two Grade 2 listed cottages, formerly part of the old Wouldham Hall,” Mr Hall added.

“But local opinion favoured locating it with the other village facilities, where parents could then park and use the shops etc after dropping their children at the nursery, or before collecting them. It also makes sense to have the nursery closer to the new school, where mums and dads might be dropping or collecting their older children too.

“So, the cottages (pictured below) will now be converted into what I’m sure will be highly desirable older properties within the growing Peters Village community.”

He said Trenport would also soon name the major chain taking over the centre’s proposed convenience store, but other revised village centre plans now before TMBC included combined first floor accommodation across all three smaller shop units, to be offered as accommodation for a dental practice.

“Along with the medical centre – arrangements for this are being finalised with the NHS – this will give Peters Village comprehensive health care on residents’ doorsteps and enhances our vision to make the development a true community,” said Mr Hall.

Pictured here: front and side elevations for the proposed convenience store in Peters Village