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Questionnaire seeks even better transport options at Peters Village

Residents at Peters Village already have enviable travel choices, with good road and rail links as well as mapped out cycling and walking routes.

But the 1,000-home community’s developer, Trenport, and its transport consultants, want to step up the pace towards an even more efficient and sustainable transport network.

Trenport Director Chris Hall said: “Communications is a key selling point for Peters Village, one of the region’s best-connected new communities and largely thanks to Peters Bridge, the new River Medway crossing built to unlock the site’s potential.

“This bridge enabled Peters Village to link quickly with all three main motorways in the South East – the M20, M2 and M25, in order of closeness – and access the rail network, particularly the high-speed service into London St Pancras.

“Bus and coach connections have been made too, including Clarkes of London’s London commuter service, which is growing in popularity as the number of occupied homes increases at Peters Village.

“Peters Village has also been able to link into the extensive network of footpaths, bridleways and cycle routes in the Medway Valley.

“But we must continue to fine tune travel options at a time when transport’s environmental impact is under a global spotlight.

“We already have a Travel Plan (see below) but our Travel Co-Ordinator, Markides Associates, has now created a residents’ questionnaire to help us better understand people’s travel patterns and needs, and how we might further help with their requirements.”

The questionnaire is being distributed to all Peters Village householders and should take about five minutes to complete before being returned in a pre-paid envelope. All responses will be treated confidentially and entered in a prize draw with the chance to win a £250 John Lewis gift card.

Queries about the questionnaire can be raised by contacting Markides Associates at or tel: 020 7442 2225.

What are the transport experts looking for?

  • Common and frequent destinations – for work, study, shopping, leisure and other purposes – which might suggest possible improvements to relevant routes and services.
  • The most popular modes of transport currently being used and sustainable alternatives that might be boosted or introduced.
  • Changes in travel modes that people have adopted since moving to Peters Village.
  • Cycling: changes that current and would-be riders would like to see to encourage two-wheeled travel.
  • Similarly, what changes might encourage residents to make greener transport choices, by making more use of
  • public transport, car sharing and walking to their chosen destination.

To read or download the Peters Village Travel Plan, please go to:

Cycling, walking and car sharing - all routes to more sustainable travel for Peters Village