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Peters Villagers keen to go green on transport - thumbs up to cycling and car sharing

Residents at Peters Village are overwhelmingly in favour of more sustainable transport according to a new survey commissioned by Trenport, which developed the new 1,000-home community.

Findings from a questionnaire delivered to the 300 properties occupied so far showed:

90% of residents keen to encourage more public transport use and just 10% saying they would not use bus or train

78% of residents wanting more promotion of cycling and just 22% saying they would not take to two wheels

49% of residents in favour of encouraging car-sharing and 29% interested in joining a car-sharing database

Despite signing up to this greener approach though, respondents admitted that they still rely on their car – like most of their peers across the UK.

A staggering 80% drive solo to and from work, with 12% using the train, 6% sharing a car and just 2% commuting by bus or coach.

Driving alone to and from the shops is also dominant (59%) but car sharing is more encouraging (36%), 2% cycle with a further 2% happy to walk, while the bus captures just 1% support.

A fuller analysis of the results will be available soon, but Trenport Director Chris Hall said he and his team were encouraged by the findings:

“It’s clear from the data that while take up for greener options is slow, the will to change is there and we hope to see those car sharing, public transport, cycling and walking percentages rise over the coming months and years.

“And it is early days for Peters Village – occupations are less than a third of the planned final total – but we know a key selling point is the enviable travel options, with good road and rail links as well as mapped out cycling and walking routes.

“We built Peters Bridge, the new River Medway crossing, to unlock the site’s potential with easy links to all three main motorways in the South East – the M20, M2 and M25 – and to access the rail network, particularly the high-speed service into London St Pancras. Bus and coach connections have been made too, including Clarkes of London’s city commuter service.

“But this survey underlines our determination to fine tune travel options at a time when transport’s environmental impact is under a global spotlight, and it follows up on the Peters Village Travel Plan (pictured below) we launched less than a year ago. To read or download leaflet, please go to:

The data from the questionnaire will now be used to identify the following and create a detailed report:

  • Common and frequent destinations – for work, study, shopping, leisure and other purposes – which might suggest possible improvements to existing routes and services.
  • The most popular current transport modes and sustainable alternatives that might be boosted or introduced.
  • Changes in travel modes that people have adopted since moving to Peters Village.
  • Cycling: changes that current and would-be riders would like to see to encourage two-wheeled travel.
  • Similarly, what changes might encourage residents to make greener transport choices, by making more use of public transport, car sharing and walking to their chosen destination.