For more information on the range of new homes at Peters Village or for an appointment to view a property please contact the individual housing developers direct - all their contact details are found here on this website on the HOMES link.

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Flying high at Peters Village

The new 1,000-home community at Peters Village is about to announce the occupation of its first 100 properties.

It is also now linked into the bus network; no more lengthy walks for the area’s new residents before they can board a service into Maidstone or the Medway Towns or travel further afield.

The community’s all-new school also opened early this year, and other village essentials – a village hall, and shops – should be open in spring 2019, ahead of schedule.

There will also be a timetable soon for the opening of the new medical centre, and plans for a dental surgery above the proposed shop units have been approved by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council.

And while existing and prospective residents digest these uplifting thoughts, we reasoned they might also like a high-flying drone’s eye view of Peters Village taking shape.

This first sequence takes you along the development’s acclaimed riverside walk towards the elegant span of the all-new Peters Bridge:

These second and third higher views (below) show how the bridge has connected the new community with the key communication routes of the west bank of the River Medway: the railway linking into the all-important London services, and the A228 accessing both the M20 and M2 motorways and, subsequently, the M25.

Though not clear, even from this high vantage point, the new road link to the A228 crosses another new bridge built as part of the project – this one over the railway mentioned above.

Then, turning away from the River Medway, the next picture (below) shows the Peters Village roundabout, welcoming visitors with its impressive sculpture designed to pay homage to the site’s industrial heritage and rich natural history.

The all-new school constructed by Kent Council Council with financial support from Peters Village developer Trenport, can be seen slightly beyond the roundabout.

The chalky shapes to the right of the school is the landscape re-shaped out of the area’s old chalk quarry. These new platforms will give commanding views of the Medway Valley to the homes being built for those phases of the development.

The chalky expanse in the foreground will also soon be developed for further housing phases – the names of the incoming developers will be announced shortly.

As the camera drone then turns further, we can enjoy an impressive view of the embryonic Peters Village community where some 100 families now live – 10 times that many will occupy the whole development site on completion in the early 2020s.

The next picture looks further along the riverside walk – many residents say how much they love strolling and cycling along this stretch – and clearly shows the elegant arcs of the Medway as it stretches off further into the heart of Kent.

And, finally, here is a view of the west bank and far beyond into the Medway Valley.

*These pictures were taken in-house by Trenport team member and building surveyor Nick Allen, who is a licensed drone pilot and flies his own camera drone.